1. Download

Install our free software and connect to the ggrid


2. Run

Have your hardware crunch numbers and complete work packages


3. Voucher

Choose from a variety of vouchers for your done work

More than 80% of the world's available computing power is not being used

Since the devices either operate at less then 100% load or are even switched off. Volunteer cloud computing projects like BOINC have harnessed that potential by distributing research related computation tasks to idle devices.

The next generation of cloud computing can also be applied to commercial use and that's where ggrid comes into play. The overall concept is similar, but this time, the distributed work packages are recompensed via vouchers.

Make money while sleeping?


ggrid uses the computing power of your computer when you do not need it. While you're sleeping, meeting friends, or just doing something else.

By using ggrid, you can help us efficiently make calculations and then be rewarded with vouchers of your choice. Free easy and without bureaucracy.

Start your engines
Your hardware works for You

The Windows client is the core of ggrid. When you switch it on, it processes distributed calculation tasks. In exchange you are rewarded with vouchers. The profitability depends on your hardware setup and the current demand for computation power.

The ggrid client (see screenshot) detects your available CPUs and GPUs and lets you control when to operate and when to hold back. That way you can have your PCs full power when you need it while none of its potential gets lost when you leave your machine.

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Free License

Our software is completely free and will stay free

Curated workpackages

For your security, only audited task sources are processed in the ggrid network

More to come

We're still in beta and there are some awesome features on the roadmap, watch out!

Install ggrid and benefit from your advantages!

Mandatory System Requirements:

Windows 7/8/10, 64-Bit

AMD/NVIDIA Graphic Cards with a minimum of 3 GB RAM

200 MB of free HDD space

Read our FAQs

GPU: min. 3GB dedicated Memory,

ggrid allows you to exchange your PCs computation power for vouchers.

The access to ggrid is and will remain free. By using ggrid you just help us calculating difficult tasks for which we want to reward you in the form of vouchers. We won’t ask you for your credit card or bank account information. By increasing the computational workload on your system through our client might increase your utility costs due to the additional power consumption.

ggrid frequently fetches work packages for calculation. The processed work packages contribute to the reward.

ggrid is currently in the beta, so you might encounter minor bugs or problems. We are working every single day doing our best to improve ggrid, so you can expect frequent updates of our software

With every new member you bring to ggrid we can do more computations. Because of that, we decided to reward you for inviting friends. Tell your friends to use your personal invitation link and we will give you an additional reward.

Currently we support US and Germany!

Please use our feedback form on the right side of our website. With your help we can fix issues a lot faster.

ggrid uses your unneeded system resources. If your computer is running other tasks in the background your computation power might be lower than your system could actually achieve. To improve your performance you could try this: